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Welcome to The Staff Room.

This is a space where secondary school teachers can engage in a community of practice, find and share resources and lesson plans, and chat with and ask questions of other teachers and the Trinity Access team. 


The site contains information about upcoming events, information booklets for teachers and other useful information for teacher in Trinity Access schools or anyone looking implement our three core practices; Pathways to College, Leadership in Learning & Mentoring.

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Staffroom Chat: Student Engagement in a Virtual Classroom

Our next chat will focus on engaging students in a virtual classroom. If you have had some success, would like to troubleshoot and brainstorm solutions or would just like to connect with some other like-minded teachers from our community of practice, please join us.

This chat will take place tomorrow, Wednesday 20th January at 3pm. Sign up here.

All attendees will receive a certificate of participation.

Connecting our Community of Practice 

During remote teaching and learning, we will be moving our community of practice activities such as staffroom chats and teacher mailers to weekly rather than fortnightly. 

Sign up for our mailer through the link below to be the first to hear what's happening. 

Use our QUICK-LINKS to find resources linked to our three core practices

Pathways to College

The Pathways to College core practice covers a range of activities designed to increase awareness of, as well as share specific information on, third-level options for students. 

Check out some resources here


The Mentoring core practice involves various types of programmes, designed to foster academic and personal growth among all students. It includes, college-focused mentoring, peer-to-peer mentoring, and career focused mentoring.

Check out some resources here

Leadership in Learning

The Leadership in Learning core practice involves teachers guiding students in ways that help develop students’ autonomy and self-direction, as well as skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking/problem-solving.

Check out some resources here

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