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Student Leadership Development Workshop

Student Leadership Development Workshop


1, 2, 3, TY, 5, 6, LCA



Leadership in Learning



Key Skills:

Being Creative, Communicating, Managing Information & Thinking, Managing Myself, Staying Well, Working With Others


leadership, prefects, student council, workshop, committee, goal setting, service project



Help your students to understand their role as student leaders, unlock their own potential and take ownership of their own projects. Ideally suited to student councils, prefects, green school committees and other student leader groups in your school.


This student leadership development workshop is designed to be delivered in a single 2 hour workshop, with a short break in the middle. If you prefer, or organisational constraints insist, working in a series of shorter sessions can be just as effective but will need additional warm up or icebreaker activities.


Activities include:

  • Exploring leadership and identifying leaders in our community
  • Investigating our favourite leaders
  • Understanding the needs of our school community
  • Selecting and setting SMART goals
  • Action planning a shared goal


Resources include:

  • Powerpoint with notes on timing, group setup and discussion points
  • Blank outline of a person
  • SMART goals activity sheet
  • SMART goals information leaftet


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