Digital Storytelling with Art Lesson Plan


1, 2, 3, TY, 5, 6, LCA



Leadership in Learning


Irish, English, History, Art, Craft & Design, Modern Foreign Languages

Key Skills:

Being Creative, Communicating, Managing Information & Thinking, Working With Others


English; art; digital story; digital narratives; creative writing;


Sharon Kearney

The use of pieces of art hooks students into this engaging activity. Using fun apps, such as ShadowPuppet Edu and Mematic – apps and activities they’d use in their own lives, students are drawn into the learning in a fun and engaging way.


Curriculum content from the English JC course addressed:

The styles of language; Creative writing; Literature (this sample uses excerpts from Lines of Vision: Irish Writers on Art), including but not limited to W3. R2. O1

By the end of this activity, students will be able to: Create a digital story, Identify/use narrative & aesthetic language, and Develop their understanding of significant cultural texts and art.

This activity can be easily adapted for use in many classrooms including MFL, Irish, English, Art, Computers etc


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