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Leadership Community Connect Project

Leadership Community Connect Project


1, 2, 3, TY, 5, 6, LCA



Mentoring, Leadership in Learning



Key Skills:

Staying Well


Covid, covid 19, coronavirus, remote teaching, working from home, check in, support, community, connect, wellbeing


Ann Mannion

Community Challenge

During this covid19 world we all have extra challenges in our lives but it does not stop us from getting involved, and making a difference.


Challenge Rules:

  • HSE guidelines re COVID 19 must be followed and include in your challenge.
  • Respect social distancing
  • All challenges must include an active piece
  • Have at least 2 people
  • Be a shared activity- on line/phone


Challenges include:

  • What can you INVENT/CREATE/DO to help your community?”
  • Toilet roll challenge by MESI
  • Design an original game to include 5 physical exercises which can be played with your friends keeping all the restrictions of COVID19 in mind
  • Joe Wicks get fit challenges
  • Host café experience with your friends.
  • Host café experience inter generational
  • Bake off with friends
  • Chat off -variety of languages
  • Multicultural cooking lesson- recipes from different countries
  • Treasure hunt challenge with the family
  • Host a games evening
  • Time out space
  • Photography: Take a photo of your favourite stay at home activity
  • Design a product or service of your dreams
  • Make your own lava lamp at home
  • Confinement fashion design challenge using recycled materials found at home
  • Selection of exercise challenges



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