Online Subject Speed Dating for Senior Cycle Choices


3, TY, 5, 6, LCA



Mentoring, Pathways to College, Leadership in Learning


Irish, English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Art, Craft & Design, Home Economics, LCVP, Modern Foreign Languages, Science - Junior Cycle, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Wellbeing, Religion, SPHE, PE, CSPE, Business, Accounting, Economics, T4 Subjects, Music, Other

Key Skills:

Being Creative, Communicating, Managing Information & Thinking, Working With Others


Covid, covid 19, coronavirus, remote teaching, working from home, guidance


Katya Klyaritskaya, Claire Cooper

Students need information and support when deciding on their Senior Cycle options. This activity provides students with an online resource bank of information on each of the different subjects.

Senior students are supported in creating a resource bank of videos which are uploaded to a Google Site. Each video describes a different Senior Cycle subject and the resource bank is then shared with 3rd year and TY students who are making their Senior Cycle subject choices.


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