Organising a Student Panel Discussion in school


TY, 5, 6, LCA



Pathways to College, Leadership in Learning



Key Skills:

Communicating, Managing Information & Thinking, Working With Others


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A panel discussion with past pupils can be an excellent College Awareness Week or Pathways to College event at any other time of year. With an audience of senior students, past pupils can be supported in sharing their story, advising, and inspiring the current student body whilst answering questions and giving them insight into their careers and college journey.


Student panel discussions consist of past pupils who ideally range in age/experience so that there's some recent school graduates who are early in their college career right through to past pupils who are actively working in the career area. Trinity Access data suggests that students who attend talks by College/ university representatives have higher wellbeing scores. Moreover, students who attend talks by an expert or professional actively working in their career are more likely to have higher scores in the following: Confidence in College Success, Education Aspirations & Goals, Student-Teacher Relationship, Active Engagement in Learning indicators.


Included in this resource:

  • Leadership in Learning possibilities
  • Remote Teaching alternatives
  • Top 10 tips


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