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Online Peer Mentor Training Workshop

Online Peer Mentor Training Workshop


1, 2, 3, TY, 5, 6, LCA



Mentoring, Leadership in Learning



Key Skills:

Being Creative, Communicating, Managing Myself, Working With Others


Covid, covid 19, coronavirus, remote teaching, working from home, support, training


Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Deirdre Brennan, Michele Crossan, Christina Connolly, Claire Cooper

A fully resourced training workshop for students embarking on a peer mentoring programme. This online peer mentor training workshop is not designed to fully replace mentor training but rather to create a space for future mentors to start thinking about the importance of mentoring and prepare them to plan and develop their vision of the role, understand the needs of their mentees and take their first step as mentors.


Each teacher will know how to best facilitate this workshop with their own students and all advice given here is just a suggestion of how the workshop could run remotely, it is not intended to be a comprehensive outline of best practice.


This training workshop is designed to be delivered online and includes:

  • powerpoint

  • outline for teachers - including alternative activities for schools with limited LMS

  • optional worksheets

  • SMART target setting planning sheets


Areas included in this training programme:

  • Understanding the role of a mentor

  • Understanding our mentees

  • Taking Action

  • Reflection & Looking forward

Thanks to the teachers of Ardscoil La Salle, Drimnagh Castle, Firhouse Community College and Firhouse ETSS who helped to create this resource

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