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We are so proud of our school communities for all the effort and collaboration that happened during the year. Enjoy revisiting some highlights in our 2021 - 2022 impact report.

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Our practitioner's guide has all the information you need if you are new to Trinity Access or are beginning your journey on to the School of Distinction Award

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Links to other Trinity Access Programme Activities

Trinity Access Research

Our work at Trinity Access is evidence based. We have recently published a report offering a unique insight into the impact the current pandemic had on teaching and learning. An infographic of this information can be found here and a more detailed report can be read here. To learn more about our research, follow this link.

Schools of Distinction Awards

The scheme rewards schools showing evidence of progress and innovation in our three core practices, Leadership in Learning, Pathways to College and Mentoring. Details about our 3 core practices are available in our Practitioners’ Guide and resources for supporting activities in our schools can be found on this site. 

PG Cert in 21st Century Teaching and Learning

The aim of this course is to equip in-service teachers with the requisite knowledge, skills and competence to support the development of an innovative learning culture within schools, that is team-based, technology mediated, project-focused and cross-curricular. 

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