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My Covid-19 2020 Time Capsule - Back to School

My Covid-19 2020 Time Capsule - Back to School


1, 2, 3,



Mentoring, Leadership in Learning


English, History, Art, Craft & Design, Wellbeing, SPHE, Other

Key Skills:

Being Creative, Communicating, Managing Information & Thinking, Managing Myself, Staying Well, Working With Others


Covid-19, Back to School, Covid, Coronavirus, pastoral care, wellbeing, guidance, history, english, art, craft and design, SPHE



Beautiful resource to capture this moment in history that our students are living through. This workbook can be given to students in it's entirety or selected pages used in class by teachers and guidance counsellors.


Suggested use: Invite all 1st year students to complete this workbook before storing completed workbooks in school to be returned to the students on their graduation night in 6th year.


Topics include:

Records of History

All About Me

How I'm Feeling

My School Community

Special Occasions

Letter to Myself

Interview a Classmate

Interview your Parents/Guardians

Letter from Parents/Guardians

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